Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween 2014 Vampire MakeUp Tutorial

Heeey jeez!
It's damn Halloween this Friday!

This time i decided to get ready, because this holiday is real time to party, to put crazy make up on and to chill with monster-friends. So, welcome to my quick and easy make up tutorial for vampire look!

1. No make up photo. May be that's enough for Halloween :D

2. No matter which foundation you use: you don't need to be pale. I wanted to kinda recreate look from Vampire Diaries. So just look natural + add a little shit of vamp. So i used my Lancome foundation and Avon BB cream, cause it gives the skin a little bit of glow.

3. Set everything with Mary Kay transparent powder.

4. I contoured my face with Vivienne Sabo dual-blush. You can use contour kit, I just don't use it everyday so I don't have one. 

5. Okay, let's start the main part! Apply vine colour from Avon palette all over your lids

6. Make it very visible: c'mooon it's Halloween, babe!

7. Then I took black colour from my Art Deco custom palette (I chose colours by myself) and applied it on the lid, right on the vine colour.

8. Then take vide colour again and draw vampire veins.

9. With the black colour and wet brush add dimension to your veins.

10. Add liner, Mascara, and apply your favourite lipstick! I used Christian Dior "Fireworks" and Avon "Matte Grape"

And...This is the final look!

So...trick o treat!
Have a perfectly bad Halloween!


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