Friday, February 1, 2013

One Day with Son Pascal and the Italian Guys

A week ago my friend Son Pascal called me and suggested to participate in the documentary about him. The film is for Italian BBC, and producers and guys with cameras have already arrived, and they needed my help. Of course, I areed with great pleasure. So we met last Sunday evening in my favourite CoffeeRoom Cafe, and discussed what we were going to do. 

So the guys wanted to make an interview with me for Italian BBC Channel, and after me and Pascal talking. Because the documentary is about him, his friends and Kazakhstan culture and fashion. 

I'd like to share some photos with you!

First, we tried to record the interview in Marrone Rosso, but they prohibited any cameras, so we had to leave that place. Guys were very angry! 

Davido and our Cam-Guy:) 
They were really nice and friendly;D

I suggested to go to Афиша (Afisha) cafe, and the manager was pretty happy to see us there.
Now the interview started! They asked me about fashion in Kazakhstan, bloggers, shops and other staff.
Davido relaxing with a cup of coffee

Finally Pascal arrived. His taxi driver took him in another place, and he was very upset. On the photo he's talking to the director of Eventica group, Marat Omarov( Who, by the way, has the same second name as me :)

We had a conversation, took a lot of photos fot instagram and had Pascal's favourite green tea!


We also made another interview with the designer of MakoMosi brand Malika Kozhaspayeva. I'll tell you about it in my next post!

Thanks for watching!


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