Monday, August 26, 2013

For my Lapu Lapu Family.

Finally ready for new post. I was so "lucky" to get sick for the rest of my summer days, so I have plenty of time to bare my soul.

Less than week ago I left Manila, Philippines. The thing I miss most of all is not clubbing, shopping, travelling or hanging out, the thing I miss most of all is my Lapu Lapu Family. We are not just friends or mates, we are true family. Everyone used to take care of each member of our little universe. That was wonderful time. So, let me share some of my memories with you!

My first couple of days in Manila were awful-poor housing, awful Quezon city, NO AIESEC help (sorry aiesec upd, I love being honest). Everything was only up to me, so I spent a lot of energy to move to the house I suppose to live in from the very beginning-My lovely Magallanes house :)
That was rainy evening, but the house was full of friendly people, who created really warm atmosphere.

My first night out in Manila Burgos street. I expected to see real wrestling, but there was midget fights, prostitutes, shemales and all these staff...we all were shocked. 

For the weekend we booked tickets to Boracay Island. It takes only one hour to fly to the paradise island! Three sleepless nights, Epic night club, Manav's birthday on the beach, birthday tequila, swimming in ocean at night, sunrise, boat trips, white sand beaches, sunburn...we experienced all these thing and a lot more...but these are Lapu-Lapu secrets:)

After Boracay we became real family. I love you, guys!

Back to Manila means back to clubbing. Republiq, Urban, Prive, matter where we go, we rock the dance floor!

Our favourite Central BBQ: shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots EVERYBODY! 

Breakfasts in Starbucks, nights in Jollibee. Pineapples (ananas) from Rustan's.

Our next trip was to Anilao, Dive 7000. Almost everybody tried diving or snorkeling, but I felt panic underwater so I enjoyed just swimming in the ocean. I will never forget the night in hammock, next to the swimming pool and 10 meters away from the ocean. In the morning I woke up with a round back :)

I also remember our "I have never ever ever" game, after we used just "never ever ever". I really miss someone saying "feed me", or "you are the best driver ever ever ever", "don't cheat on us", "we are students, volunteers", "how". Sure, this makes sense only to Lapu Lapu, hope you will enjoy the memories!

Clubbing Clubbing Clubbing

My birthday night. The chocolate cake was the best cake in my life! thank you, my beloved Lapu Lapu family! Night in Opus club:)

Next trip - Palawan Island! It was only one hour flight, but it took more than 6 hours to get to El Nido, resort zone. On the way to El Nido we visited underground river (that was a cave) and had perfect lunch in front of the ocean. We reached El Nido late night, as I remember. Tour A and Tour C across the islands were perfect! It was rainy, but can in imagine swimming in the middle of the ocean under heavy rain? That was the place I finally learned how to do snorkeling! :)
We visited so many little islands, wild beaches, had perfect lunches there, played volleyball with Italians, did snorkeling in windy & rainy weather-believe me, it was quite hard, because waves were really big! 

Next night was The Most Wasted night ever ever ever. Rum on the beach-I'm not gonna tell you more:)
So, we returned to Puerto Princesa city (the airport place), spent one night in Tiki Restobar where we watched Asian Pussycat Dolls singing and dancing. Next day we visited crocodile farm and local beach:) 

This crocodile is more than 60 yrs old and around 7 meters long!

 In the pilots' cabin!

With aircraft crew!

Clubbing Clubbing Clubbing

Shopping Shopping Shopping

Shopping in Manila is really good. You can go to the mall and spend 3 times less buys 3 time more! Isn't it perfect? 

This was the beginning of the end. Members of Lapu Lapu family, my adorable friends started to leave one by one. It was impossible to stay in Manila, in our empty house. 

I was dreaming to go to Hong Kong or Cebu, and was forcing almost everyone to go. But finally we went to banaue, and that was the best time in Philippines. Only four of us, but it was easier to deal with everyone. We saw amazingly beautiful rice terraces, swam in the waterfall, had perfect breakfasts and dinners in front of breathtaking view, rice wine on hotel's balcony, explored caves, saw coffins hanging on the rocks and hidden in the cave. 

The last week was sad and beautiful at the same time. The house was almost empty, but all of us became even closer than ever before. 

Thank you for everything! I really love all of you, guys! There is always place for each of you in my heart.