Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turn the winter on!

More than one week passed since I wrote post in English. So, today let me share pix and comment not in Russian :)

Most girls love being girls, so do I. I love all these skirts, bows, flowers and other girlish staff. Here's one of latest fall outfit - feminine and comfortable. 

My favourite jumper with tracery and gradient color

Love this "Press" badge! :)

Got little presents from Zara Home, Oysho and Stradivarius :)

This fake fur coat made me look and feel like Carrie Bradshaw! 

This extremely cute sweatshot with "I me..if I were YOU" made my day!

Today my inspiration is hiding somewhere under the fresh snow, so, I'm not that gabby

Thanks for watching!


  1. вау очень красивая ;))
    заходи в гости!

    1. Асемгуль, спасибо! :)

      Обязательно загляну;)