Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photo Love

As you know, or might not know, my real name is Dana. I'm student and blogger from Kazakhstan, Almaty - the very heart of Eurasia! Actually, just its geographical heart :)

When I was 15, I fell in love with photography. It didn't happen like "my mom bought me cool cam so I'm photographer now". No. It came from my sensuous perception of things around me and the world itself. I had little camera, just 6 mpx (some of you have better quality cameras on your smart phones now). I was admiring everything around me, and in order to keep all these precious things in my memory for ever, I took pictures of friends, sunsets, city, landscapes etc. That's how my journey started. 

Now I have my second real camera, not like a toy :) I love it, and it has endless potential and opens whole world of amazing opportunities for me! I wish I could explore and discover more scineries, people, faces, colors, depths... So, if you ever want to make memories, call me and I will help you with any idea! ^.^

In this post I wanted to share some of my works which were made during this year 2012-2013. 

If you ever want to make a photo shooting, just email me on danone.blog@gmail.com

Thanks for watching!

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