Friday, September 26, 2014

Cutie Pie

I remember one guy, who used to call me a "Cutie Pie". I have never considered myself cute. Maybe special, beautiful, but not simply cute. Haha, joking :D
This outfit with white tights, my new Nike sneakers, favourite dark blue sweater and bag, and skirt...okay, this outfit totally consists of my favourite pieces of clothes! 
What was I talking about? Oh yes, white tights. The cutest thing a grown girl can wear. A thing, which belongs to me 15 years ago.

That day was perfect. Fashion branch with and all these stylish people, night out with my friends at a new club in100gram, and my best street style shots. I felt like Tommy Ton or Adam Katz, when I saw this beautiful girl, one of my best friends, in the "whole" of my camera.

I appreciate style so much, it's just my addiction. I can stare at someone who's just beautifully looking and admire the look, colours, composition itself.

Now I'm heading to Michael Kors new collection presentation, but I promise to tell you more about it later on.

Have an amazing weekend!


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