Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photoshop Games

Hey guys :D

Today I'd like to share with you the latest mini photo session with my Nika Sorokina aka Nikson.

This time I tried different photoshop techniques. Trying to develop my skill - why not? 

So..Just enjoy!

I didn't do anything special to my photos since...I can't imagine or invent something new about myself. Strange? I think just realistic :)

My favourite black blouse with a neckline on my back. I bought it in one of the biggest malls in the Philippines ;D
I bought my glasses in Manila, and my hat on Boracay Island (also Philippines)

Going crazy with grass :D

Art. I like this piece of horse. May be it looks a little bit violence, but anyway it's nice

This is how it was: before/after

Thanks for watching!

P.S. you can leave anonymous comment under this post! I will never ever ever guess who was that ;D

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