Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just a random thought.

I'm back to my thoughts and strange romantic mood, when I analyze everything and feeling guilty for every step I take. So, I just need to share it with someone. Today's post is full random thoughts, partying hard in my head making me go insane.
There are some times when I feel lost and unprotected. This is caused by feeling of missing something or someone. When I just start remembering past (3 years, 2 years, month, week, yesterday) and all the people from that times....I realized that half of them are already gone, just few are staying. In most cases that was simple human pride, which makes U PEOPLE behave like  assholes. Ok, now I have plenty of new friends, but I don't have memories connected with them. Memories is very important part of any relationship for me.

Sorry. This post might appear quite weird for you.

There is no time for me when my head is empty. I'm always thinking. Always dreaming. Imagining sweetest situations or just remembering things which have already happened in the past. I'm afraid that one day I can loose my memories. They are too precious for me. If I loose them, I will loose myself.

Maybe most of those who know me think I'm just a random cheerful girl ok, I mean "nothing special". It is common for human beings to think that they are unique. Same thing happened to me. I really feel that I'm different. I don't mean that I'm better or worse. Just different. I'm innocent like a child and trust anyone. That is my biggest mistakes and I always get my heart broken. But on the other hand I make wise decisions. I can forgive. Just for free, not expecting to get something instead. Forgiveness is harder that revenge or anger. It takes a lot of energy and inner confidence to forgive someone.

This is all I wanted to say today.

Sorry for my poor english. I have totally spoilt it

Thank you for watching. Just thank you all

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