Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm shocked with Philippines. Just a short tale

Hi guys!
Now I'm in Philippines, Metro Manila, Makati city. It was very hard to come here, so, I'd like to share with you my story.
Let me start wwith my 20-hours flight. I was so exhausted! 5 hours to Abu-Dhabi, 5 hours in the airport and finally 9 hours to Manila. As you can guess, nobody picked me up from the airport, even though they promised me to do it. So I catched a taxi, and that was the start of my Philippines adventures.

The taxi driver took too much money, and I was lost to say that it was not okay. I'm not a tall strong guy, I'm just a little girl.

So, the house was awful!!! Only girls from Vietnam, speakin their native langugage. I felt like I was an alien among them. There also was no internet, hot water and the rooms looked like prison.
When I left the house, I felt free to do anything!

The second house was nice, but..empty! There were only girls. Again. And only one guy from Poland-Jacub. He was very nice and helpful:)
In the morning we went jogging togetheer with Jacub. It's so hard to go in for sport here because of the humidity - 90%!! Can you imagine?! I was very silly to go jogging, as my knee started to sore again. Shiiiiiit!!!

So, I had night in two different houses located in two different city. So, I guess it's  time to tell you about the 3rd house! I was dreaming to come to Makati city, where all the funny cool guys are staying. Yesterday my friend from Netherlands texted me that there are free beds, I and rushed there. At the front yard there are two plenty of alcohol you can see that this house is partying! 

Here people use this kind of staff to travel across the city:D

Manila is considered to be one of the most polluted cities...uhhh

LIVE FOR NOW. Inspiration by Pepsi.

 Jeebney or something like that. Don't know how to spell it. It's another kind of public transportation.

Today we had a swim in the pool :) AWESOME!!!

With Mustafa from Pakistan^.^

...and Tjardo from Netherlands:)

Thanks for watching! xoxo ;*

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