Monday, March 25, 2013


That day we had a make-up shooting for . We really had great time with Gulnar Tyndybayeva, Aziza McCarthy and Andrey Lerin. After I and my Blondie Dinara had a little shooting for my blog, because long time no posts:( I'm very sorry for that, because I was missing you guys so much!! Now I'm back. 
Spring gave me the strongest inspiration, and now I'm ready to work hard. No, VERY HARD. 
So, here are some photos from that day:

Aziza working hard on Dinara's make-up

Awesome books about fashion history, style concepts and cute notebooks like "DATE ME" :DD

Here are our outfits:
Trendy "Cat" sunglasses, feminine trench, little black clutch and red dress

Nice bag, isn't it? ;)

My new flowered skirt, trench with no sleeves, white shirt and clutch :)

My favourite sunglasses. Bought them this winter


Thanks you for watching!
Xoxo ;*

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